During the fall of 2013, I came across a Strider Bikes website article about a girl named Presley. Presley was going through cancer treatment at a hospital in Utah and she was a huge Strider fan. Strider bikes posted pictures of her using her Strider at the hospital during her stay. Stiders in hospitals! What a fantastic idea!

My son, Benjamin, is about the same age as Presley and loves his Strider. We have been fortunate that he has been healthy, but just the thought of having my child in the hospital is terrifying. Seeing the pictures of Presley smiling while on her Strider in the hospital made me smile, though. I thought, all kids going through a rough time at a hospital should have a Strider to cruise around on and take their mind off things. As a parent, a Strider in the hospital would be great too. It would allow the parent to just enjoy watching their child have fun while going through a challenging time.

I also enjoy riding motorcycles. So I thought, why not create a motorcycle charity ride to get kids Strider bikes? I contacted Strider Bikes and Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital about creating this ride. They were all for it, and through the motorcycle website, ADVrider.com I created the charity ride. Strider Bikes has been amazing in helping me create promotional material for this ride! Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital has also been fantastic in getting the bikes to the kids!

To date, the ride has raised over $9,000! That has been enough to purchase over 150 Strider bikes! Currently, the bikes are used at the children’s hospital and some physical therapy offices around Indianapolis. Some children who have had a long stay at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital get to take their Strider home when discharged! If we can raise even more money, I’d like EVERY child discharged after a long stay to take their Strider home!

For more detailed information on the route details click the route link or here.

To Register for the ride, click the registration link on the home page or here.

Tyler Klassen