Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I register for the ride or donate to the cause?

Click here!

What is a Strider?

STRIDER® balance bikes are industry-leading training bikes that help children as young as 18 months learn to ride on two wheels. STRIDER balance bikes focus on the fundamentals of balancing, leaning, and steering without the distractions and complications of pedals or training wheels.


How does Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital use the Strider bikes?

The bikes are used at the St. Vincent hospital system for physical therapy and as recreation for the kids. 12 inch, 16 inch and 20 inch Strider bikes are currently being used. Some longer stay patients get to take the bikes home with them when discharged!

Is this a parade ride (all motorcycles ride in one long line)?

NO. We will be leaving in groups of 8-10ish bikes. We will provide a leader for each group. We will try our best to pair up like minded and experience/pace level riders.

Do I need to come with a group of riders or can I come by myself?

Come by yourself or come with a group. All are welcome! We will get you into a group if you are alone, or we will place your group with a ride leader.

Where does the ride start?

The ride starts at Johnson’s BBQ Shack in Bargersville, IN, just south of Indy, Saturday, May 20, 2017. There will be a for purchase breakfast buffet available. First group has kickstands up at 9:30am. Arrive with a full gas tank! There is a gas station nearby.

Johnson’s BBQ Shack- 82 S. Baldwin St. Bargersville IN

Will there be a lunch stop?

Yes! We will be stopping at Bloomington Powersports in Bloomington for lunch. Lunch will be available for a suggested donation.

Bloomington Powersports – 1006 S Walnut St Bloomington IN 47401

Where does the ride end?

The ride will finish at Taxman Brewing Company in downtown Bargersville.

Taxman Brewing- 13 S. Baldwin St, Bargersville, IN

Is there an additional charge for a passenger?

NO. Your ride registration is per motorcycle

How long is the ride?

The ride will begin at 9:30am and should finish around 4pm at Taxman.

Tell me about the ADVENTURE route.

The Adventure route will be pavement, gravel, small creek crossings, and a little dirt. Dirt tires are NOT required. I have personally scouted the route on 100% street tires and they worked well, but an 80% street/20% off-road tire is perfect for this route. We will try to pair up experienced off-road riders in a group and less experienced gravel riders in another group to keep the pace appropriate and safe. KLR650, Vstrom, DRZ, BMW GS, KTM, Supermoto type bikes and Sidecars are perfect for this route.

Will there be maps available of the route?

No. The route is rather complicated with a lot of turns and changing roads so a map would be very hard to navigate on this route. Most of the ride leaders will be using GPS with the route uploaded into it.

Can I get the route and download it onto my own GPS?

YES! Email ridersforstriders@gmail.com and I will get it to you! However, not all car GPS will be able to download the route due to the high number of waypoints. The route is in .GPX file. A hiking GPS works best, like a Garmin 62. I personally use my Iphone using the Motion-X app. Android users could use an app like OSMAND. Both apps will load .GPX files. Email me with questions.

What if I cannot make the entire ride?

No problem! Join us wherever you can and ride whatever you can! Just ride to lunch with us, or join us at lunch and ride the second half of the ride.

I am unable to attend the ride, can I have a t-shirt/sticker shipped to me?

Yes! Email ridersforstriders@gmail.com for details

I am unable to attend the ride, can I still donate to the cause?

Yes! Click here!

I have not preordered a t-shirt, will t-shirts be available for purchase at the ride?

Yes! A limited amount of t-shirts and stickers will be available for purchase day of the ride.

I have not pre-registered, can I register for the ride the day of the ride?

Yes! Registrations day of the ride are welcome, but for our planning purposes pre-registration is preferred.

Have another question? Email ridersforstriders@gmail.com